Shortly after arriving in McMurdo we went to Happy Camper school where they teach us how to survive if a storm moved in and trapped us somewhere we did not want to be. Pictured here is a snow mound that we built. The most advanced construction techniques known to man are used in the construction of this bomb-proof shelter. We start by throwing everyone's bags into a big pile - the bigger the better. Then the pile is tarped and covered with a good two feet of snow. After letting it sinter for a while, we dig a big hole in the side and pull all the bags out. Patching this hole is next, after which we dig a proper entrance on the lee side of the mound and make sure that the top of the entrance is below the floor so as not to lose too much heat out the door. The resulting shelter is actually quite comfortable if you aren't claustrophobic. Ben had a great time with this - hence the big smile.