Cavendish Rocks is laced with a number of dikes, from different time periods and of different compositions (you can see the almost black ones and the lighter brown ones). South America glacier descends from the central peak of the Kukri Hills in this picture. It looks more like South America from a vantage point farther to the east (ahead and to the right). This picture was taken in the middle of the "night."

To get to the weather stations that I set up on and near Cavendish Rocks I would take a number of slightly different routes. I downloaded the stations at least once a day, so I got the chance to explore the area well. The route that I took on this particular day started out by climbing a fairly steep ice slope with crampons on, after which it leveled out a bit and I would contour along the side of a subtle rise. As I walked, small bits of ice were broken from the glacier under my feet and slid down the slope making the most wonderful tinkling sound I'd ever heard. When there was a breeze, the wind would pick up the chunks and blow them down the glacier, making different sounds.